First Launch

To start using Netwrix Auditor

  1. Navigate to Start Netwrix Auditor.
  2. Log into the product.

    NOTE: This step is required if Netwrix Auditor is installed remotely (not on computer that hosts Netwrix Auditor Server).

    You can configure a single Netwrix Auditor client to work with several Netwrix Auditor Servers. To switch to another server, reopen the Netwrix Auditor client and provide another host name (e.g., rootdc2, WKSWin12r2.enterprise.local).

    For your convenience, the Host field is prepopulated with your computer name. By default, you can log in with your Windows credentials by simply clicking Connect. Select Use specified credentials if you want to log in as another user.

    NOTE: Make sure you have sufficient permissions to access the product. If you cannot log into Netwrix Auditor with your Windows credentials, contact your Netwrix Auditor administrator.

After logging into Netwrix Auditor, you will see the following window: