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Installing Netwrix Auditor Client via Group Policy

The Netwrix Auditor client can be deployed on multiple computers via Group Policy. This can be helpful if you want to grant access to configuration and audit data to a significant number of employees and, therefore, have to run Netwrix Auditor installation on multiple computers.

NOTE: You must be a member of the local Administrators group to run the Netwrix Auditor installation.

Extract MSI File

  1. Download the product installation package.
  2. Open the command prompt: navigate to Start Run and type "cmd".
  3. Enter the following command to extract the msi file into %Temp% folder:

    Netwrix_Auditor.exe -d%Temp%

    where %Temp% can be replaced with any folder you want to extract the file to.

  4. Navigate to this directory and locate Netwrix_Auditor_client.msi.

Create and Distribute Installation Package

  1. Create a shared folder that will be used for distributing the installation package.

    NOTE: Make sure that the folder is accessible from computers where the Netwrix Auditor clients are going to be deployed. You must grant the Read permissions on this folder to these computer accounts.

  2. Copy Netwrix_Auditor_client.msi to the shared folder.

Create a Group Policy to Deploy Netwrix Auditor

The product will be automatically installed on computers affected by the newly created Group Policy after reboot.

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