Install Netwrix Auditor in Silent Mode

Silent installation provides a convenient method for deploying Netwrix Auditor without UI.

To install Netwrix Auditor in a silent mode

  1. Download the product installation package.
  2. Open the command prompt: navigate to Start Run and type "cmd".
  3. Enter the following command to extract the msi file into the %Temp% folder:

    Netwrix_Auditor.exe -d%Temp%

    where %Temp% can be replaced with any folder you want to extract the file to.

  4. Enter the following command:

    msiexec.exe /i "path to netwrix_auditor_setup.msi" /qn install_all=0

    Command Line Option Description


    Run installation.


    Specify the user interface (UI) that displays during installation. You can append other options, such as n to hide the UI.


    Specify components to be installed:

    • 0—Install the Netwrix Auditor client only.
    • 1—Full installation