Sample Deployment Scenarios

Recommendations in the sections below refer to deploying the product in the environments of different size:

If you plan to deploy Data Discovery and Classification edition, consider planning for 3 dedicated servers:

  • Netwrix Auditor server
  • DDC Collector server
  • SQL server with 2 instances: for Netwrix Auditor databases and for DDC Collector database

Also, ensure these servers have enough RAM to prevent from performance loss - minimum 12 GB required, 16+ GB recommended.

To learn more, see DDC Edition: How It Works and Deployment Planning for DDC Edition.

When planning for hardware resources, consider that insufficient CPU and RAM may lead to performance bottlenecks. Thus, try to provide not minimal but recommended configuration. Same recommendations refer to planning for storage capacity, especially if you plan to keep historical data for longer periods (e.g., to provide for investigations, compliance audit, etc.) - SSD