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Starting with version 10, the home screen in Netwrix Auditor is customizable so you can instantly get access to the information that’s most relevant to you. This section covers what tiles are available and how you can use them to create the home screen that works best for you. Then it illustrates the customization process with several common scenarios.

Review the following for additional information:

Home screen tiles

“Welcome to Netwrix Auditor” tile

This tile provides a checklist you can use to get started collecting and viewing data about your IT ecosystem.

  • The first link prompts you to create a monitoring plan for at least one data source (such as Active Directory, Exchange Online or network devices). For detailed instructions on how to create a monitoring plan, refer to Monitoring Plans. Wait until the initial data collection completes.

  • Clicking the second link opens a dashboard that lists all the monitoring plans you’ve created, along with the status and last activity time for each. Review this list and address any errors or warnings, as explained in See Monitoring Overview for more information.

When you have completed these three steps, you can close this tile by clicking the "Close" link at the bottom. The checklist will be replaced by statistics across your audited systems. See Customize Home screen for more information.

AuditIntelligence tiles

This section contains four tiles for getting security intelligence about your IT infrastructure:

Tile Description


Create a new monitoring plan for a particular data source.

See Create a New Plan for more information.


Investigate incidents by running interactive searches using data collected across the entire IT infrastructure.

See View and Search Collected Data for more information.


Access the predefined reports for each data source and create custom reports.

See Intelligence for more information.


Detect and investigate unusual behavior in your IT environment.

See Behavior Anomalies for more information.

Configuration tile

This tile helps you set up and fine-tune auditing of your IT infrastructure. It includes the following links:

Option Description

Monitoring plans

Opens the Monitoring plans wizard, where you can add, edit and delete monitoring plans, as well as group them into folders.

See Monitoring Plans for more information.


Opens the Subscriptions wizard, which enables you to subscribe to Netwrix Auditor reports and searches, so you can easily stay informed about what is going on in your infrastructure.

See Subscriptions for more information.

Alert settings

Opens the All Alerts wizard, where you can create, edit, and enable or disable alerts on critical events in your environment.

See Alerts for more information.

Risk assessment, Compliance mapping, Live news, and Health tiles

Tile Description


Opens the Risk Assessment Overview dashboard, which identifies possible configuration issues in your environment that could impact security.

See IT Risk Assessment Overview for more information.


Enables you to review how Netwrix Auditor can help you comply common standards and regulations.

See Compliance mappings for more information.


Shows the latest Netwrix news, including product updates.


Opens the Health Status dashboard, which provides at-a-glance insight into product health, data collection, storage and more.

See Review Health Status Dashboard for more information.


Clicking this tile opens the Alerts History dashboard, which provides detailed information about the latest alerts triggered in your IT infrastructure, enriched with actionable charts and timelines.

See Alerts overview for more information.

Favorite reports

Initially, the Favorite Reports tile lists the reports that our customers use most frequently. You can add and remove reports to reflect your needs and interests. If you have more favorite reports than can fit in the tile, simply click View all to see the complete list.

See Customizing Favorite reports for more information.



Opens the Alerts Overview dashboard, which lists the latest alerts triggered in your IT infrastructure, enriched with actionable charts and timelines.

See Alerts overview for more information.

This tile shows the current number of users, groups, and files and folders in your IT infrastructure in one place.

Clicking the link opens the corresponding report:

  • Users — User Accounts state-in-time report for Active Directory

  • Groups — Groups state-in-time report for Active Directory

  • Files and Folders — Folder TreeView state-in-time report for File Servers

Click Recalculate to update values.

Clicking the tile opens the Monitoring Overview dashboard, which shows the current status of each of your monitoring plans.

See Monitoring Overview for more information.

Clicking the tile opens the Activity Record Statistics dashboard which shows the number of activity records that were collected from your data sources during the last 7 days

See Activity Records Statistics for more information.

Opens the listed Netwrix Auditor report.

See Custom Search-Based Reports for more information.

Opens the listed Netwrix Auditor report.

See Predefined Reports for more information.

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