Customizing Favorite reports

The Favorite reports tile displays a shortened list of your favorite reports. To view, edit or update the full list, click View all. The Home Reports page opens. This page includes several folders: Favorites, Predefined, Compliance and Custom. Favorite reports are located in the Favorites folder.

To add or remove a Favorite report

  1. Locate the desired report in one of the other folders.

  2. Click the name of the report to view its description.

  3. To change whether the report is a favorite, click the star icon in the upper right-hand corner of the report description.

Report Summary with Star icon unchecked

Other actions for Favorite reports

The options on the Reports page for Favorite reports are show below:

Favorites Sub-Folder Options

Favorites > [Report] Options

Option Name


Restore Default

Repopulates the Favorites sub-folder with all reports that have been marked Favorite.

When using Role-Based Access in Netwrix Auditor, if several users mark the same report as Favorite, then that report will be removed from the Favorites list if a user removes the report from the Favorites list. Using the Restore Default option will re-add the report to the Favorites list for all users that have not removed the Favorite mark.


Runs the reports in the Favorites folder to display the most recent information.


Opens the Preview Report page. There, you can modify report options (such as the timeframe) if desired, and then click View Report to see the resulting report. See Viewing Reports for more information.


Opens the Add Subscription to Report page. See Create Subscriptions for more information.

Add to Favorites

This option is greyed out when viewing the Favorites list, since all the reports shown have already been added to Favorites.

Remove from Favorites

Removes a report from the Favorites list.

This option provides the same function as removing a report as a favorite using the Star icon.

Go to Original

Expands the sub-folder in which the report is originally located. For example, clicking Go to Original for the Enterprise Overview report will expand the Predefined  Organization Level Reports sub-folder.