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System Health and Troubleshooting

This section provides instructions on how to troubleshoot issues that you may encounter while using DDC Collector. Review the following for additional information:

System Health and Services

Navigate to the Dashboards section to check Netwrix Auditor Data Discovery and Classification health state. Review the following for additional information:

Dashboard Description

System Health

Review health statuses of every service. If an issue occurs, you can expand it and review details and suggested resolution.

Service Viewer

Shows real-time activity of all services. Once all work is complete “Idle …” will be displayed. It is possible to use this to check which sources are currently being processed, as well as to ensure that the services are currently running.

Troubleshooting Issues

Issue Resolution

DDC Collector installation completes with warnings.

On the computer where DDC Collector is installed, navigate to the Services snap-in and restart the following services manually:

  • conceptIndexer
  • ConceptCollector
  • conceptClassifier

The Service Viewer dashboard cannot load the Indexer service status.

The Classifier service highlighted as inactive on the Service Viewer dashboard.

DDC Provider Issues

Issue Resolution

Upgrade completes with warnings and errors.

On the computer where DDC Provider is installed, navigate to DDC Provider logs. By default, they are stored to "C:\ProgramData\Netwrix Auditor\Logs\Data Discovery and Classification\Tracing" and review the corresponding log.

DDC Provider configuration completes with warnings.

reports do not show data.

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