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How It Works

The following diagram illustrates the data flows in a typical deployment of Netwrix Auditor Data Discovery and Classification:

The DDC Collector is a data discovery and classification service that runs on a dedicated server. It scans your various file repositories for supported file content, stores the raw text in the DDC Index and indexes that content. It classifies the indexed file content by matching it against predefined third-party taxonomies (rules and patterns for finding, for example, personal data governed by the GDPR or medical records governed by HIPAA) and any custom taxonomies you create. It stores the resulting document classifications in the DDC Collector database. You use the DDC Collector console to monitor and control the DDC Collector service, as well as to select, create, modify and manage taxonomies.

Meanwhile, the DDC Provider service runs on the Netwrix Auditor Server. It reads the classification results from the DDC Collector database and translates the DDC Collector taxonomy format into the Netwrix Auditor category format the resulting list of objects and their categories is periodically transferred to the Categories database.

Netwrix Auditor merges data from the Categories database and other Netwrix Auditor databases (such as the file server State-in-Time database) to generate the reports you request.

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