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Upgrade to the Latest Version

Netwrix recommends that you upgrade from the older versions of Netwrix Auditor to the latest version available in order to take advantage of the new features.

This section lists steps required to upgrade DDC Collector to the latest version. Review the following for additional information:

To take preparatory steps

  1. Check that the account under which you plan to run the setup has local Administrator rights.
  2. Back up DDC_Collector_Database database. For that:

    1. Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server instance hosting the database.
    2. In Object Explorer, right-click DDC_Collector_Database database and select TasksBack Up.

    3. Wait for the process to complete.

  3. Stop the following product services:

    • conceptCollector
    • conceptIndexer

    • conceptClassifier

  4. Finally, close Netwrix Auditor console.

To perform upgrade

  1. Run the DDC Collector installation package.
  2. On the Installation Type step, select the Upgrade option.
  3. Install DDC Collector as described in the Install DDC Collector section.

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