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Secure Your Data

Security and awareness of who has access to what is crucial for every organization. Besides notifying you on who changed what, when and where, and who has access to what in your IT infrastructure, Netwrix pays attention to safety of its own configuration and collected data.

Out of the box, you are assigned the "Super User" role in DDC Collector console. If you want to provide access to several tabs of DDC Collector console to other users, do the following:

  1. In DDC Collector console, navigate to Sources "file share or folder" and unselect the Anonymous Access checkbox.

  2. Navigate to Users Add Validate to add a new user.

    To... Do...

    Add Super User

    Select the Super User checkbox.

    The first user you add will be assigned the "Super User" role and he or she will have unrestricted rights in DDC Collector console. Consider to add verified user first.

    Restrict access to DDC Collector console components

    In the Users tab, select DDC Collector components available for this user:

    • Sources
    • Taxonomies
    • Config
    • Users
    • Reports

    Configure granular permissions for the user, if needed.

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