Create User Account to Access Nutanix REST API

To create a user account using the ncli utility:

  1. Download and install the ncli (Nutanix command-line interface) on any server in your infrastructure, as described here.
  2. Start the utility and establish a ncli session by the following command:

    ncli -s management_ip_addr -u 'username' -p 'user_password'


    • management_ip_addr - the IP address of any Nutanix Controller VM in the cluster
    • username - user name to access that VM; if not specified, admin (default name) will be used
    • user_password - password to access that VM
  3. Run the fs list command in ncli to get the list of Nutanix Files servers.
  4. Locate the name of Nutanix Files server you want to audit; locate and save the following server parameters to a text file:
    • Uuid - Nutanix Files server ID
  5. Finally, create a new user and specify credentials that will be used to access this Nutanix Files server. For that, run the following command in ncli :

    fs add-user uuid=<fs_uuid> user=<username> password=<password>


    • <fs_uuid> - Nutanix Files server ID (Uuid)
    • <username> - user name
    • <password> - password

To create a new user account with Nutanix Prism:

  1. Open Nutanix Prism web portal.
  2. Select File Server category. In the list of servers, select the server you want to audit.
  3. Click Manage roles.
  4. In the Manage roles dialog locate the REST API access user section and click +New user.

  5. Enter local user account name and password, then click Save next to them to save the settings.
  6. Click the Close button to close the Manage roles dialog.