Configure Cisco Meraki Dashboard Account

Before you start creating a monitoring plan to audit your Cisco Meraki devices, plan for the account that will be used for data collection – it should meet the requirements listed below. Then you will provide this account in the monitoring plan wizard.

Since accounts with multi-factor authentication are not supported, you need to create a special cloud account with read-only permissions and disabled multi-factor authentication.

To configure Cisco Meraki Dashboard account

  1. Sign in to Cisco Meraki Dashboard.
  2. Create a dashboard account as described in the following Cisco Meraki article: Getting Started (scroll down to the Creating a Dashboard Account section).
  3. Make sure that the read-only permissions assigned to the account. For more information about Meraki permissions, refer to the following Cisco Meraki article: Managing Dashboard Administrators and Permissions.
  4. Log in to this account and navigate to My Profile at the top of the dashboard.
  5. Find the section labeled SMS authentication.

  6. Make sure that the SMS authentication parameter is set to OFF. For more information about authentication, refer to the following Cisco Meraki article: Two-Factor Authentication.

NOTE: This account is for Netwrix Auditor purposes, then, do not forget to switch back to your account.