Configure HPE Aruba Devices

To configure your HPE Aruba devices, enable logging to multiple Syslog servers and configure logging levels. Do one of the following:

To configure HPE Aruba devices via Command Line Interface

  1. Log in to the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  2. Enter the following command to start configuration mode:

    # configure terminal

  3. Specify IP address of the computer that hosts your Netwrix Auditor Server to send Syslog messages to:

    # logging <ipaddr> severity information

  4. Specify event level for the following categories: security, system, user, wireless, network:

    # logging network level information

    # logging security level information

    # logging system level information

    # logging user level information

    # logging wireless level information

  5. Apply configuration changes:

    # write memory

To configure HPE Aruba devices through the Management Console

  1. Log in to HPE Aruba web interface.
  2. Navigate to Mobility Master and select a device or a group of devices you want to monitor with Netwrix Auditor.
  3. Navigate to Configuration System Logging and click + to add a new Syslog Server.

  4. In the Add New Syslog Servers dialog, complete the following fields:

    Option Description

    IP address

    Provide the IP address of the new server.


    Select None.

    Logging facility

    Leave empty.

    Logging level

    Select Informational.


    Select None.
  5. Click Submit. The new server is added to the Syslog Servers list.
  6. Click Pending Changes on the right.
  7. In the Pending Changes for <X> Managed Controller(s) dialog, select the device you want to apply changes to.
  8. Click Deploy Changes.
  9. If the configuration is correct, you will see the following wizard:

  10. Navigate to Configuration System Logging and expand the Logging Levels.
  11. Select the Informational value for the following parameters:

    • network
    • system
    • wireless
    • security
  12. Deploy pending changes for the logging level: repeat steps 6 - 8.