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Configure EMC Isilon in Normal and Enterprise Modes

You can configure your cluster for monitoring in one of the following ways:

Considerations and Recommendations

When preparing to audit your EMC Isilon storage system, follow the recommendations below:

  • If you plan to configure audit settings manually (without using configure_ifs.sh script), make sure that auditing of success create events is disabled. Otherwise, the storage system logging will become too verbose, which may lead to data collector overload with excessive events, decrease its performance and result in data collection errors with "Timeout expired" message issued.
  • Also, to avoid data collector overload and performance issues, it is strongly recommended to disable auditing of the System zone. If users/applications can access the content stored on EMC Isilon through other zones, you should specify those zones in the corresponding monitored item settings. (See this section for more information on the monitored items.)

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