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For Oracle Database Auditing

Before you start creating a monitoring plan to audit your Oracle Database, plan for the account that will be used for data collection – it should meet the requirements listed below. Then you will provide this account in the monitoring plan wizard.

  1. The CREATE SESSION system privilege must be granted to the account used to connect to Oracle Database for data collection.
  2. Depending on your Oracle Database version, the SELECT privilege on the following objects must be granted to that account:

    Oracle Database 12c, 18c, 19c


    In addition to the privileges above, add the SELECT privilege on the following objects:

    • gv_$unified_audit_trail
    • all_unified_audit_actions
    • audit_unified_policies
    • audit_unified_enabled_policies

    For Oracle Database 12c Release 2, also grant the SELECT privilege on the following object:


    Oracle Database 11g

    NOTE: Starting with version 9.96, Netwrix Auditor provides limited support of Oracle Database 11g.

    • aud$
    • gv_$xml_audit_trail
    • dba_stmt_audit_opts
    • v_$parameter
    • dba_obj_audit_opts
    • dba_audit_policies
    • dba_audit_mgmt_clean_events
    • gv_$instance
    • fga_log$

    NOTE: To learn how to grant system privileges to the account, see Grant 'Create Session' and 'Select' Privileges to Access Oracle Database. Alternatively, you can grant the default administrator role to the account.

    If you are going to configure Fine Grained Auditing, grant privileges depending on your Oracle Database version, and make sure that you are using Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.


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