Accessing Exchange Online using basic authentication

With basic authentication, your Exchange Online organization will be accessed on behalf of a user. You will need to provide Office 365 user name and password in the monitored item properties.

IMPORTANT! This user account should be created as Cloud-only.

Required permissions for this account will depend on your Netwrix Auditor deployment scenario:

  • For a new deployment, Netwrix Auditor will access Exchange Online using both PowerShell cmdlets and Azure AD application. Azure AD app will be registered automatically, with delegated permissions. Thus, the Office 365 account you prepare must have sufficient privileges to create an Azure AD app and to access Exchange Online resources using PowerShell.
  • For an upgraded deployment, activity data collection requires PowerShell cmdlets only. However, state-in-time data collection involves Azure AD app, too.
Deployment scenario Activity data collection State-in-time data collection

New deployment

Azure AD app + PowerShell

Azure AD app + PowerShell

Upgraded deployment


Azure AD app + PowerShell


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