Assigning Office 365 Management Roles

  1. Sign in to Office 365 using your Microsoft account.

  2. On the Office 365 Home page, click Admin tile and select Admin Exchange on the left.
  3. In the Exchange admin center, navigate to Permissions admin roles.
  4. Create a new role group. Assign the following settings to the newly created role group:

    Option Description


    Specify a name for the new role group (e.g., audit_logs).


    Enter a role group description (optionally).

    Write scope

    Select a write scope.


    Assign the following roles:

    • Audit Logs
    • Mail Recipients
    • View-Only Configuration

    NOTE: To collect State-in-Time data, assign the following additional roles:

    • Role Management
    • View-Only Recipients


    Add your account.

    NOTE: If you already configured specific role scopes for role groups (for example, multiple management role scopes or exclusive scopes) using Shell, you cannot assign new roles to these role groups via Exchange admin center. For detailed instructions on how to configure roles using Shell, read the following Microsoft article: Manage role groups.