Active Directory: automatic configuration

This is a recommended method of applying Active Directory audit settings required by Netwrix Auditor to monitor your AD domain. With this approach, the program will check your current audit settings at each data collection session and adjust them if necessary.

To adjust audit settings automatically, do any of the following:

  • When creating a new monitoring plan, at the first step of the wizard select the Adjust audit settings automatically option. See Settings for Data Collection for details.

  • For the existing monitoring plan, modify data collection settings for Active Directory data source, selecting Adjust audit settings automatically option.
    See Manage Data Sources and Active Directory for details.
  • For both new and existing monitoring plans, you can click Launch Audit Configuration Assistant (in the wizard step or in the plan settings, respectively) to launch a special tool that can detect current infrastructure settings and adjust them as needed for monitoring. See Audit Configuration Assistant for details.

NOTE: For a full list of audit settings required for Netwrix Auditor to collect comprehensive audit data and instructions on how to configure them, refer to Configure Active Directory Domain for Monitoring .

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