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Automate Sign-in to Netwrix Auditor Client

Typically, when a user launches the Netwrix Auditor client, he or she must provide connection details. By default, this step is skipped if you start the Netwrix Auditor client on computer that hosts Netwrix Auditor Server. If you want to connect to an instance of Netwrix Auditor Server installed on another computer, you must force the start page to show up. To do it, add special parameters to a product shortcut.

Users who frequently connect to different Netwrix Auditor Servers (e.g., MSP users) installed both locally and remotely, may also leverage shortcuts to automate their sign-in process. The parameters pre-populate the start page with connection details. For security reasons, the password must be typed by a user.

To create a shortcut that will start Netwrix Auditor client with pre-populated connection details

  1. Navigate to the Netwrix Auditor client installation directory and locate the AuditIntelligence.exe (by default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Netwrix Auditor\Audit Intelligence\AuditIntelligence.exe).
  2. Create a shortcut for the executable.

  3. Right-click a newly created shortcut and select Properties.
  4. In the Target field you will see a path to your executable. Add the following parameters after the path.

    /s:server_name /u:user_name /specify_creds


    • server_name—Replace with Netwrix Auditor Server name (computer that hosts Netwrix Auditor Server) or its IP address.
    • user_name—Replace with a Netwrix Auditor user who wants to log in.

    For example, the Target field will show:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Netwrix Auditor\Audit Intelligence\Audit Intelligence.exe" /s:host.corp.local /u:corp\analyst /specify_creds

  5. Click Apply.

You can create as many shortcuts with different parameters as needed. When you click the shortcut, the product will start with pre-populated connection details.

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