Netwrix Auditor Integration API Overview

Netwrix Auditor Integration API—endless integration, auditing and reporting capabilities.

The Netwrix Auditor Integration API provides access to audit data collected by Netwrix Auditor through REST API endpoints. According to the RESTful model, each operation is associated with a URL. Integration API provides the following capabilities:

  • Data in: Solidify security and meet regulatory compliance standards by enabling visibility into what is going on in any third-party application.
  • Data out: Further automate your business processes, IT security and operations workflows by enriching third-party solutions with actionable audit data.

Netwrix Auditor Integration API operates with XML- and JSON-formatted Activity Records—minimal chunks of audit data containing information on who changed what, when and where this change was made. XML format is set as default.

With Integration API you can write Activity Records to the SQL Server-based Audit Database and access audit data from remote computers. Also, Netwrix prepares add-ons—sample scripts—to help you integrate your SIEM solutions with Netwrix Auditor.

Netwrix Auditor Integration API Service is responsible for processing API requests. This component is installed along with Netwrix Auditor Server and is enabled automatically. By default, Netwrix Auditor Integration API works over HTTPS protocol using an automatically generated certificate. Default communication port is 9699.

Netwrix does not limit you with applications that can be used with Integration API. You can write RESTful requests using any tool or application you prefer—cURL, Telerik Fiddler, various Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox plug-ins, etc.