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Subscriptions enable you to schedule email delivery of a variety of reports or set of specific search criteria. Subscriptions are helpful if you are a rare guest of Netwrix Auditor and you only need to get statistics based on individual criteria. For example, an IT manager can easily provide auditors with weekly reports to prove compliance with regulations.

You can configure subscriptions to reports and interactive search. Review the table below to compare these subscriptions.

Report-based subscription Search-based subscription
  • Predefined change reports to monitor important cases for all data sources.
  • State-in-Time reports to monitor data source state at a specific moment of time.
  • Predefined User Behavior and Blind Spot Analysis report pack with complex logic to identify vulnerabilities (e.g., data access, suspicious files, etc.).
  • Organization level reports to visualize what is happening in your environment.
  • Reports with review status to track team workflow.
  • Compliance reports to stay compliant with different standards.
  • Flexible set of filters to modify search for your business use and create another subscription based on the existing one.
  • Advanced filters to make your results context match.
  • The History option to verify that the subscription is configured properly.

  • On-demand delivery to send the subscription to a recipient at any moment.

NOTE: Subscription emails may vary slightly depending on the file delivery method and whether the subscription is report-based or search-based.

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