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Before Starting the Upgrade

Take Preparatory Steps

Before you start the upgrade, it is strongly recommended to take the following steps:

  1. Check that the account under which you plan to run the setup has local Administrator rights.
  2. Back up Netwrix databases – these are all Audit databases, Integration API database, and others (their default names start with Netwrix). For that:
    1. Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server instance hosting these databases.
    2. In Object Explorer, right-click each Netwrix database and select Tasks Back Up.
    3. Wait for the process to complete.
  3. Back up the Long-Term Archive folder, by default located at C:\ProgramData\Netwrix Auditor\Data. You can, for example, copy and archive this folder manually, or use your preferred backup routine.
  4. Finally, close Netwrix Auditor console.

Review Considerations and Known Issues

During the seamless upgrade process Netwrix Auditor preserves its configuration, so you will be able to continue auditing right after finishing the upgrade. However, there are some considerations you should examine - they refer to the upgrade process and post-upgrade product operation.

Upgrade from 9.5

  1. After the upgrade you may receive temporary data collection errors – they occur when the program tries to upload collected data to the Audit Database before the database upgrade is finished.
  2. Shortly after the upgrade, Netwrix Auditor may display incorrect monitoring statuses for the items included in the monitoring plan. With the next scheduled data collection, statuses will be updated and displayed normally.
  3. After the upgrade, the Effective Group Membership and Users and Computers - Effective Group Membership Active Directory state-in-time reports will show No Data message until the product stores a historical snapshot of your system configuration.
  4. Subscription to the Effective Group Membership report may become inoperable, so you should set it up anew.
  5. If you were auditing Azure AD, remember to review your Data Collecting Account settings after the upgrade, because starting with Netwrix Auditor 9.5 Update 1 this account must be assigned Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 or Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 2 license. See Configure Data Collecting Account for more information.

Upgrade from 9.0

  1. Saved searches will be renamed into custom reports and displayed under ReportsCustom.

  2. Starting with version 9.5, Netwrix Auditor introduced the risk score concept and behavior anomalies assessment dashboard. So, after the upgrade to 9.6, all built-in alerts originally shipped with 9.0 will be assigned a risk score (suggested by Netwrix industry experts) and included in behavior anomalies assessment. Note that user alerts will not be modified—you should assign risk scores manually.

  3. The Object Permissions by Object report will be renamed into Folder and File Permission Details; note that its old name will remain in the subscription.

  4. Subscription to the Administrative Group Members and Effective Group Membership reports may become inoperable, so you should set it up anew.
  5. After the upgrade Netwrix Auditor will take some time to synchronize data and make it available for state-in-time reporting, so you will have to wait for this process to complete before reports are filled in with data. This refers to reports listed below:

    1. IT Risk Assessment report
    2. Active Directory - State-in-Time reports:

      • Account Permissions in Active Directory
      • Active Directory Account Permissions Details
      • Object Permissions in Active Directory
      • Active Directory Object Permissions Details

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