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Large Environment

Recommendations below refer to the product deployment in a large environment, that is, with more than 1 million of activity records generated per day (extra-large environment - 10+ million of records per day):

  1. Prepare a physical or a virtual machine meeting the following requirements:
    Hardware componentRequirement


    8 cores, for extra-large environment - 16 cores


    16 GB, for extra-large environment - 64 GB

    Disk space

    • 500 GB on system drive, for extra-large environment - up to 1 TB
    • 1.5 TB on data drive, for extra-large environment - up to several TB

    Screen resolution

    Minimum 1280 x 1024

    Recommended 1920 x 1080 or higher

  2. Download and install Netwrix Auditor on that machine. Deploy the required number of Netwrix Auditor clients on the remote Windows machines.

    NOTE: Client-server connection requires user sign-in. You can automate this process, as described in the Automate Sign-in to Netwrix Auditor Client section.

  3. Prepare Microsoft SQL Server meeting the following requirements:
    Software componentRequirement

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later

    Any edition except Express (due to its database size limitation)

    Dedicated SQL Server instance or cluster is recommended

    SQL Server Reporting Services required for reporting

  4. When prompted to configure the Audit database settings, proceed using the dedicated SQL Server with Reporting Services.

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