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New! Netwrix Data Classification

Important Product Upgrade Information

Netwrix Data Classification is a new product that replaces Netwrix Auditor DDC Edition. The new product retains backward compatibility with Netwrix Auditor data discovery and classification reporting features and offers a direct upgrade path from the previous versions of Netwrix Auditor DDC Edition. You can learn more about Netwrix Data Classification here: Intelligent Content Services Platform.

NOTE: Netwrix Data Classification effectively substitutes the DDC Collector component. You can use this existing manual to deploy and configure the Netwrix Auditor data discovery and classification reports. For information on installing and configuring Netwrix Data Classification, refer to the following Online Help Center article: Deploy Netwrix Data Classification.

You can continue using Netwrix Auditor DDC Edition until its support expires on December 31, 2020, but we recommend that you plan to upgrade to Netwrix Data Classification to benefit from its new features and enhancements: Netwrix Data Classification Release Notes.

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