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Configure Data Sources in Netwrix Auditor

To see your sensitive data in Data Discovery and Classification reports, you need to create a monitoring plan in Netwrix Auditor and configure data sources. The following data sources are available:

  • Windows File Servers
  • EMC
  • NetApp

Check your monitoring plan and items:

Option Description


Specify file shares that you want to process with DDC Collector.

NOTE: Specify equal UNC paths for both: item in Netwrix Auditor and DDC Collector. Any actions made over data sources configured in different way or locally (e.g., “C:\”) are out of scope. Otherwise, you need to map to the same server location and then restart the DDC Provider service.

Additional options

  1. Enable the Collect data for state-in-time reports option for each item that you want to process.
  2. Enable the Include details on effective permissions option to review the following reports:

    • Most Accessible Sensitive Files and Folders
    • Overexposed Files and Folders
    • Sensitive Folder and File Permission Details

NOTE: Refer to the Create a New Plan section in Netwrix Auditor Online Help Center for detailed instructions on how to create a new monitoring plan.

When DDC Collector processes ("crawls") specified files and folders, it performs read operation under the dedicated DDC Collector account (described in the Add Content Sources section). Netwrix Auditor that monitors your file storage system (Windows File Server, NetApp Filer or EMC Storage), will report these read operations by default. To avoid this excessive reporting, it is recommended to include the dedicated DDC Collector account and its read operations in the omitreportlist.txt and omitstorelist.txt files for Netwrix Auditor. See Exclude Data from File Servers Monitoring Scope for more information.

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