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Hardware Requirements

Netwrix strongly recommends installing DDC Collector apart from Netwrix Auditor. Review the hardware requirements for the computer where DDC Collector is going to be installed.

Hardware Component

Minimum requirements

Large environment (up to 8 m objects)
DDC Collector SQL Server
DDC Collector SQL Server


Any modern

Any multi-core

4 cores

8 cores


8 GB

16 GB
16 GB 64 GB

NOTE: Hardware requirements for SQL Servers listed in the table above apply to both SQL Server instances that host the DDC Collector database and Categories database.

To estimate disk space required for DDC Index files and DDC Collector

  1. The DDC Index files require 35% of all data in the scope to be indexed. For example, if you have 45 GB of files, they require only 15 GB for the DDC Index files.
  2. The DDC Collector database must be created on the separate SQL Server instance. Estimate required disk space assuming 10 KB per indexed document. For example, for 5 m objects, the database size is approximately 50 GB.

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