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Add Content Sources

To start process your sensitive data, add content sources. All your content sources are listed in the Content Sources section.

To add a content source

  1. In DDC Collector console, navigate to Sources Add and select Folder.
  2. Complete the following fields:

  3. Option Description


    Enter the UNC path of the root folder where collection is to start. You can add either windows directories, or NetApp filer or EMC storage devices, to the index.

    NOTE: Specify equal UNC paths for both: in Netwrix Auditor and DDC Collector. Any actions made over data sources configured in different way or locally (e.g., “C:\”) are out of scope. Otherwise, you need to map to the same server location and then restart the DDC Provider service.


    Specify the account used to process the folder.

    NOTE: It is recommended to create a dedicated account for this purpose and specify it here. This will, in particular, simplify filtering file crawling activity (read operations) by the service account name when reporting on file and folder access. To read more about configuring exclusions for Netwrix Auditor reports, refer to Configure Data Sources in Netwrix Auditor section.


    Provide a password for the account specified above.

    Include sub-folders

    Select if you want to process data in sub-folders and set depth limit.

    Allow anonymous access

    This option is used to disable security filtering for selected sources. If unselected, the indexing processes will collect Windows Access Control Lists (ACLs) for the files and search results will be filtered based upon the end user's Windows identity.

    Netwrix recommends unselect this option. See Secure Your Data for more information.

    Enable duplicate detection

    Select to exclude documents that contain the same text content from the index.

    Write classifications

    Netwrix recommends using default values.

    Text patterns

    Netwrix recommends using default values.

    Re-Index Period

    Specifies how often the source should be checked for changes. Netwrix recommends using default values.


    Netwrix recommends using default values.

    Max Collector Retries

    Netwrix recommends using default values.

    Document Type

    Specify a value that can be used to restrict queries when utilising the DDC Collector search index.

    Source Group

    Netwrix recommends using default values.

  4. Select Index Folder to start indexing process. You will see an information popup window on successful indexing.

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