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Configure Cisco ASA Devices

To configure your Cisco ASA devices, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Cisco ASA device terminal through the SSH/Telnet connection (for example, use PuTTY Telnet client).
  2. Access the global configuration mode. For example:

    hostname# configure terminal


  3. Enable logging. For example:

    hostname(config)# logging enable

  4. Set the IP address of the audited Cisco ASA device as the logging host parameter. And make sure that the UDP port is used for sending syslog messages (e.g., 514 UDP port). For example:

    hostname(config)# 514

    NOTE: Do not select the EMBLEM format logging for the syslog server option.

  5. Enable the logging timestamp option. For example:

    hostname(config)# logging timestamp

  6. Set the logging trap option from 1 to 6 inclusive. For example:

    hostname(config)# logging trap 5

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