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Configure Integration API Settings

The Netwrix Auditor Integration API Service responsible for processing API requests is installed along with Netwrix Auditor Server and is enabled. By default, for communication Netwrix Auditor Integration API uses HTTPS with an automatically generated certificate and port 9699.

Refer to Security for detailed instructions on how to disable HTTPS and manage other API settings.

To change port

  1. In the Netwrix Auditor main page, navigate to Integrations.
  2. Make sure the Leverage Integration API option is set to "On".
  3. Click Modify under the API settings section and specify a port number. Windows firewall rule will be automatically created.

    NOTE: If you use a third-party firewall, you must create a rule for inbound connections manually.

Configure Audit Database Settings

When you first configure the Audit Database settings in Netwrix Auditor, the product creates configuration databases including Netwrix_Auditor_API. This database is designed to store data imported from the other sources using Netwrix Auditor Integration API. Also, you can write data to any other database associated with a monitoring plan created in the Netwrix Auditor client.

Make sure the Audit Database settings are configured in Netwrix Auditor. To check or configure these settings, navigate to Settings Audit Database.

NOTE: You cannot use Netwrix Auditor Integration API without configuring the Audit Database.

Refer to Audit Database for detailed instructions on how to configure SQL Server settings.

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